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The ALPHER COFFEE processing and fermentation centre is part of the IMPORT COLOMBIA project, it is where the coffee exportation chain begins, giving rise to experimentation and research that allows to obtain differentiated profiles to compete in the international market and to strengthen the Colombian Coffee sector.

ALPHER COFFEE’s project, benefits the farmers, through professional assistance and technical knowledge accompanied by a fair trade, which as a result, improves the living conditions of them and their whole families.

The FERMENTATION CENTER is a venture of Cristian and Oscar, both (Veterinarians/Zootechnicians) two university classmates, who decided to bet on Colombian agriculture and specifically on the coffee industry. The root of this project is to promote sustainable production, and very importantly highlight the concept that farms are a system, that must be in balance with the environment to help to mitigate climate change and all the problems and challenges that the environment has in the agricultural sector and today’s world.

Cristian and Oscar, have understood that the way to achieve the stated objectives, was by technifying the coffee production process to improve quality standards and obtain coffee with different profiles that produce better profits at the time of marketing. At the same time, they reduced production costs with organic fertilization that is obtained from the same farms. With this and all the concepts of sustainable production it generates a much more profitable agriculture that allows us to fairly remunerate the hard work of our farmers.

And then our team in the UK, reaches the export and final product, our speciality coffee, which is marketed in the United Kingdom under the brand ALPHER COFFEE, that makes a chain of direct supplementation to the consumers, avoiding intermediaries, guaranteeing quality, traceability and fair trade.

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ALPHER COFFEE’s business model is based on working together with the farmers associated with the

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