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For many generations our Colombian farmers have known and grown coffee as their only way to improve their life conditions, to be able to offer education and stability to their children and families, the passion, effort and love is placed in every coffee bean, and then as the best result – our processes….


ALPHER COFFEE farm’s average temperature is 22.6oC so we get all the benefits from mother nature to carry out this process. We pick and sort the best ripe cherries, then we leave our coffee beans to dry in the sun, so the coffee dries in the fruit, which gives them a more fruity, fuller bodied and slightly sweeter flavours, this is the most traditional method and very well known for our farmer besides all the process is made by hand.


For this process the farmers stripped the organic matter off the coffee bean within days of the coffee cherry being plucked from the tree, and then submerged in water before they are dried. This gives the coffee a cleaner taste, allowing the inherent, natural characteristics of the coffee to shine through.


The selection, picking, sorting the best cherries, lead our farmers to the next step, to achieve our Honey process, that involves leaving a certain amount of flesh and mucilage on the coffee, as it dries, this causes the mucilage to dry on the exterior of the coffee bean, giving it a sweet and almost honey-flavoured taste.

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ALPHER COFFEE’s business model is based on working together with the farmers associated with the


The ALPHER COFFEE processing and fermentation centre is part of the IMPORT COLOMBIA project, it

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